Update #26

So – here is a blow by blow account of my “BIG DRIVE” that occurred on Friday May the 25th . . . it should make for a great read . . . since it is broken down into hours and since it is essentially about me being in a car for 19 1/2 hours – alone with my thought(s) – and my dog.

Oh – and at the bottom – there is a “great” camera phone picture . . . of something scary!

I left the house (in New York) at 5:54 am . . . which hurt me deeply.
In New Jersey at 6:30 am – seems like great time is being made.
Dog vomit #1 at 6:50 am – I think that I am going to do away with the “am” now.
7:00 an egg McMuffin and an orange juice – what a treat!
Dog vomit #2 at 7:40 – both vomits were on the side of the road – so there was no real problem.
8:35 medium Chai Latte from one of the (many) Starbucks on the New Jersey turnpike.

In Delaware at 9:17.

In Maryland at 9:35 – did I mention that Delaware is tiny where I cross it?
From North Baltimore – to South Baltimore – there were 12 cops hiding out.

In Virginia at 11:18 – seems like things are progressing nicely.
1:06 stopped for my first tank of gas.
1:42 dropped by a Wendy’s for one of their Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwiches – it was terrible.

In North Carolina at 3:30 – this state is really the bear of the trip – it takes forever because for some reason – the road just seems to lolly-gag all about – like I even want to be in North Carolina for all of the time . . .
At 3:43 the only real excitement of the trip happened when – while at a rest stop – Socks and I stumbled upon a ridiculously huge (like about 5-6 feet huge) snake . . . and we were right next to it when we noticed it – yeep!
5:40 was the right time for a sweet 2 piece fried chicken with a biscuit, dirty rice and some fries from a little place that I call Bojangles – oh yes – it was the right time – indeed.

In South Carolina at 8:08 – yes – seriously – North Carolina takes as much time to get through as most states added up . . . North Carolina needs to go on a diet. Or get broken up into North-North Carolina and South-North Carolina so that it will seem like the trip is broken up a bit more.
9:30 got some gas.

In Georgia at 10:00 pm. Normally this means that the trip will be over in about another 1 1/2 hours – so my brain starts winding down . . .
But then at 10:45 – right around Commerce, Georgia – which is about 45 minutes from Headquarters (or so) – there was a wreck . . . and there was a parking lot on the highway – that I got to sit in for 1 1/2 hours. This is the part of the trip that Socks and I agree was the worst . . . one of those so close – but so so far away types of things.
We lost the exact time – but I from comparing notes – we came up with 1:17 as the time of arrival back at the house . . . and then we watched a baby’s room get built – so what do you think of that?!

As promised – Here is the nifty picture . . . it is the snake!!!!!