[update #23]

Here is a “quick” what-for for the the last few forays . . .

  • I think that I may be a tad bit nervous about the new building where the job has been stashed recently . . . it is the only way that I can explain actually having a “bad” dream about it. You see – in the dream – it was “Take Your Kitten to Work Day” – which sounds like – potentially – it could have been among the toppers of best dreams of all times . . . especially if you count the fact that I was getting to take my all new (nameless) little black and grey kitten (with little blue kitten eyes) to the office. But then we got to the new building (which at that point – I hadn’t even seen yet) and it was bedlam. There was no way to get all of my work done – and keep up with the kitten. He just kept on getting into hoodwinks and hijinks – getting where he shouldn’t be getting – tearing up paper – running under things – just doing very very kittenish stuff . . . and there was work to be done!!!
  • Last night – when I got into bed – there was absolutely no getting to sleep for me . . . and I know that I sometimes I talk about not getting enough sleep (okay – I always talk about not getting enough sleep – even yesterday – I was all like “I’m so tired” blah blah blah) – but this time it was so super seriously stupefying how my tiny little brain wouldn’t stop zipping around. I even tried to think of the whole “little black and grey kitten” from everyone’s favorite “Take Your Kitten to Work” dream from the night before . . . but to no avail. Eventually Little Bear (2) and I headed to (what is known as) the “pink room” to numb our minds with super late night tv.
  • I can’t tell (much of a) lie – but I have decided that I may be partially responsible for the whole not sleeping last night. For dinner we went to a bar-b-q establishment (which was tasty) where they advertised my drug of choice (sweet tea) as being in the house. I drank 3 (three) glasses while at the restaurant – and then asked for 1 (one) to-go. The waitress got kind of confused about the “to-go” part . . . but (like a real trooper) came back a few minutes later with a brown paper bag – that had been stapled. I was then the one that looked confused . . . but I took the bag (and thanked her) out to the car to get my glass of tea . . . only to find a plastic container. You know the ones from chinese restaurants that egg drop soup come in?! Well this one had sweet tea in it . . . So I did have 4 (four) glasses of sweet tea last night . . . so perhaps the mystery is one step closer to being solved. Oh – and before I forget – at the lab (current temporary command center) there was a new mystery sparked when there was a spark of confusion as to what I even meant by a “to-go glass” – it is a strange and slippery word that we live in.