Update #27

A terrible wind has swept through our semi-temporary headquarters. A cute bundle of fuzzy duplicitous(ness – or is it iocity), a deceivingly cute harbinger of things that aren’t so good . . .

Let me ask you a quick question. If you were walking through an alley – by yourself – at night – would you even give a second glance to an 8 inch tall bear? My guess is that you would make the mistake of a fervent glance – or two – while failing to maintain your leisurely pace as you moved in the direction of the lights at the end of the alley. I’m not going to make any bones about it . . . as you sped up – he would notice. He would disappear and then he would be right in front of you. He would toy with you – and that would be your end.

Little Bear 2 is a threat I have been meaning to identify for quite some time – to get the word out – to get more eyes on the street. But I didn’t want any of you fighting my battles – especially not this one. It hits too close to home.

Little Bear 2 has an identical brother. . . His name is Little Bear. Little Bear is a bright chipper charming fellow (bear) – and a real treat to have around . . . it wasn’t until we had known each other for a long while that his secret came out – the secret that he had tried to keep everyone from knowing – which was that not only did he have a twin brother . . . but that he was the exact opposite of a “bright chipper charming fellow” – and that he was out to do Little Bear in – no matter what happened.

Last night when I got back to this (here crib) place – I was struck by something alarming . . . a tiny bear wearing a t-shirt with the letters “AGL GCAL” had been stuffed into a plastic bag – and next to this “bear-in-a-bag” was a note that simply read “Don’t mess wiTH LB II!” with a post script of “yur NECKST.”

I tried to save the t-shirt wearing bear (a bear that I had never met before) . . . but he was too far gone. I decided to focus on the letters – in case they meant anything . . . but then decided that it was far more important to try to get in touch with Little Bear – he needed to know about the nights events – and maybe he could give me some clues. But just as I went to call – I heard a noise in a dark corner of the room . . . I wasn’t alone.

Before I could get to the corner – whoever or whatever was there had vanished. I was left with my thoughts. Who had messed with Little Bear II that would bring him out of hiding in such a spectacular way . . . and who exactly was next? I knew that I (at least) wouldn’t be sleeping well for awhile.

I leave with this cautionary warning . . . if you are ever in that dark alleyway – and you do see an 8″ tall bear – just ask him what his favorite ice cream is . . . if he says pistachio – then you have just made a great friend . . . if not – then run as quickly as you can – or else you may end up as the next t-shirt bear!