[update #22]


I wish that I wouldn’t get so tired – or better yet . . . I wish that I wasn’t so lazy. And believe me – in no way do I subscribe to myself being your typical kind of laziness “lazy.” No – no – no . . . it is probably more closely tied to being really bad at time/energy management . . . which could be an internal thing – or maybe an environmental one.

I always seem kind of busy – it isn’t like I am that dumb grasshopper that chose to dance and sing while the ants were running around storing food and stuff . . . I am constantly storing food – in my socks – in my pillow – in my cheeks – everywhere! But I think that I seem to have a pretty good idea of the limits of how much I can do – before I drop – at this point in my life (which – depressingly – seems to be a constantly decreasing amount – by the way) – and so what I have tried to do is get better at organizing things into digestible chunks. The key there is to not spend all of my time organizing (even though my brain – contrary to generally accepted thinking – craves it’s own style/brand/what not of ducks in a row) . . . another quick key is making sure to sleep sometimes too . . . I require enough sleep – the amount of which can vary considerably.

It would be fun to be a bit more sloth like – like where I was going super slow and steady towards whatever goal sloths are going for – but I tend to jitter around way way too much (not always always outwardly) to be sloth like. So I think that I need another animal goal to live up to . . .

It is a quandary and a conundrum and a mystery and a riddle and a pea in a pod that won’t get shucked today (shucks!) – but at least it is out there in the ether . . . so there is that . . .

Yawn (dles)

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  1. HospitalCamper
    HospitalCamper says:

    Sadness… take care of yourself. and besides a sloth, you could try bum, clock watcher, couch potato, deadbeat, good-for-nothing, goof-off, idler, laggard, layabout, lazybones, loafer, lotus eater, lounger, malingerer, moocher, shirker, slacker, or sponger. All are acceptable from time to time.

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