[update #12]

Today On The Train . . .

The four guys sitting on the train next to me today were all kinds of joshing around – acting wacky and just a little plain silly. I tried my darndest to maintain train rule of not giving them the “Hey you rapscallions . . . ixnay on all of that jazz and tom foolery . . . can’t you see that some of us are trying to get some shut-eye around here!” look – which is usually saved for babies that are screaming/crying into one of those “bleeck-bleeck” walkie-talkie cell phone thing situations that sometimes arise.

When all of a sudden . . . I noticed that the biggest one (who also happened to be sitting the closest – proximity wise – to me) was actually giving me – what I interpreted to be – a “Hey buddy . . . I know what you are thinking/writing over there – and it is becoming tremendously more possible the more that you think/write that me and my gaggle of miscreants are going to come over there and clean your coo-coo clock!”

The thing is – though – people can sometimes be really tough to read – so I guess it is possible that he was just looking at my “fabulously trans-fat-free-except-for-the-biscuit” 3 (three) strip meal from that Kentucky chicken place . . . and by “meal” I mean that it totally came with 2 (two) sides (potato wedges and backed beans) and a biscuit (which was depressingly unedible).

Or it is also possible that he just wasn’t into the “Sweetness and Tenderness” that was floating from “The Return Of The Rentals” in my computer machine to the stereo-phonic head-a-ma-phones that were resting ever so gingerly on my head . . . I didn’t want to muss up my coif – you know?!

Which brings me to the point of this whole thing . . . a few months ago – I got the chance to go and see “The Rentals” – it was the first time that I had seen a show in quite some time – and everything about it was such a good time (and no I am not counting the opening bands in this assessment – they just happened to be there – kind of like the 4 (four) moops that happen to be sitting really really close to me now – uhm . . .)

Shoot – I gotta go . . .