[update #11]

Who exactly is this anyway?! (Duck in shower)

In another stop on the tracks of the (seemingly) never ending train ride that taking a shower has become for me, a mysterious duck appears wearing a tiny blue hat.

I pulled the curtain back this morning (don’t even get me started on pulling the curtain back . . . it has become one of the constant battles of my “everyday” life (and yes – the fact that “everyday” is in quotes is directly linked to the possibility that there may not be enough time for a shower “everyday” . . . which is something that you will have to deal with as you read this duck story – because you should never lose track of the focus of the day . . . the focus of the today is all about the duck wearing a little blue hat that I found hanging out when I opened the curtain in the shower . . . uhm today.)).

Enough of the stupid asides and round about story telling – I apologize for putting you through that . . . when I should have been talking about ducks.

Imagine my surprise when I – thinking I was all alone in the bathroom – opened the curtain to the shower and had to take a stutter step to the side to avoid planting my foot directly on the little blue hat of this duck. It was quite disturbing . . . but I went about my business – trying to pretend that he wasn’t even there – when the ultimate of impositions occurred. The water had gotten just over the foot level [by the way – the whole sinking ship thing was totally thrown to the wind due to the duck visitor . . . I tend to only play “sinking ship” by myself . . . and his little blue hat was way too festive anyway(s)] – just over foot level – just over foot level – oh yeah – when that tiny yellow so and so decided to start floating all around the tub!!

Every time that I turned around he had moved somewhere else – with that same snug look on his orange billed face – and that little blue hat cocked every so slightly to one side. How in the world was I supposed to take my shower when all of that was going on?!

It was two different worlds intersecting – that I am of the opinion probably shouldn’t have. Maybe I should just get to take my shower – and try to keep an eye on the evil pink soap that is still lurking in it’s pink soap kingdom – planning who knows what kind of mischief – and maybe he should happily float around playing his dumb “duck swimming in a small fiberglass pond in the rain” game on his own time. I guess it is also possible that I am ever so jealous of both how happy he seems to be and the fact that he gets to wear a hat into the shower (a blue hat at that!).

If the duck decides to stick around . . . maybe he can help me to figure out the puzzle of the shower curtain – or – and this is a much more exciting proposition . . . he and I can team up to take out the scourge on all of shower culture that pink bar of soap has become . . . Who knows – maybe he’ll also help to fix the ship or use his blue hat powers against the scary hat up in the attic . . . yeah – after writing all of this out . . . maybe he is a good duck after all.

But only time will tell.