[update #5 – part 1]

The Big Drive North

Not sure if you knew this – but I am essentially what, in the industry, is known as a long distance driver extraordinaire . . . it is a gift (curse) that I discovered way back in the day – and is more than likely directly linked to my unbridled stubbornness – or in other terms . . . I can sometimes be just too dumb to know when to quit – which should not to be confused with the times that I quit with hair-splitting lightning-like dexterity –

Yeah – even though I sometimes usually never change my mind – there are times when I tend to directly contradict myself – immediately after making a declarative statement . . . which tends make my mind change itself – at which point I inevitably sit down – take in the countryside with a deep breath – and throw in a white flag of surrender.

Back to the story?!

The other day (after heading a sad and hearty fare thee well to a bunch of nice people) I packed the car so full of stuff that [Seriously funny analogy/call back type line here ala “that car was so fat” “how fat was it” “that car was so fat that instead of ‘wash me’ the back window started speaking Spanish . . . it was all like ‘nada mas. . .’ all like ‘lo siento – pues este es muy necessaro que tu throw some of this junk out!!’ heh heh heh” – yeah – definitely something like all of that.] – so full that it was very full – what more can I say?

The dog (Irving Brown Socks) was also making the trip – and the worst part of the whole ordeal came early on for him when after attempting to leave my first stop out of town . . . I hopped into the car to find him whining and whimpering – very urgently – and after quickly checking him out to figure out the problem – my stomach turned when I found that the tip – and seriously just just the tip of his tail was stuck in the door. He received multiple treats – and I am happy to say that he has shown no ill effects since this little misunderstanding happened – although I did notice that the trip to the rocking chair factory that he had organized for the family in North Carolina at the end of the month has been cancelled – so that is a bit sad.

More to be continued