Update #34 [Playing Cat & Mouse (or Mouse & Cat)]

Well – well – well . . . today is supposed to be a cat and mouse story kind of day – or at least that is what I dreamed – but now my noggin’ has gone screwy and skipped past the cat part of the equation.

So – I suppose that we will just do the unnatural and start with the mouse – even though no one ever starts with the mouse . . .

There I was. In a building – an office – an office building – walking towards the copy machine – my brain sponging over from hours and hours of hard work (mostly) – when – out of the blue – there was a grey streak – a furry grey shot in the dark. There was a mouse – and for a split second – it was on my foot.

My unfortunate reaction was that of a high pitched young girl – and it carried all the way to the department next to us – where I was deservedly mocked.

My only reaction – the only move that was left to me – was to jump on the pile. So I called out “But you guys don’t understand . . . that thing ran so fast – and so close to me that my skirt actually blew up . . .” At which point – in giving myself a good natured ribbing – I had paid my societal dues – and everyone moved on.

Everyone except me – that is. Now I am totally obsessed at finding the little guy . . . life in an office can get rough – sometimes – and I need all of the pals that I can get.

Thus ends the mouse section of our day – in theory – there will be a cat section to follow at a later time.