Multiple (multiple) Shower (shower) Heads (heads)!

Howdy gang –

Sorry that I haven’t been writing up the good write(s) lately . . . but the gang and I packed up our patchwork gypsy bags and hobo trappings and huddled into a new (and very temporary) headquarters last week.

Basically – we had a “cooking” fire going that the Mounties (yes – that is right – the Mounted Police from the great white north) must have spotted – and here is a quick aside (I promise) – [Did you know that the Mounties have specially trained flocks of pigeons (although up there they call them something completely different – something that completely escapes my mind right now) that they send out when looking for people?! It truly is a brave new world that world that we live in these days!] – anyway – I (we) were spotted – and instead of being collared – we took off for this new place.

Or – we are house sitting for some friends in the Newest Jersey that there is . . . you take your pick . . . all that I will say is that it is possible that there are multiple shower heads in this gi-normous walk-in shower that is literally bigger than one of the bedrooms that I had in college (which just so happened to be a walk-in closet) . . .

Okay then – I must bounce now – as I am apt to do . . .

  1. owlet
    owlet says:

    neither did this one. it was kinda of scary because those side jets aren’t used very often. when you turn them on the plumbing starts to rumble. yikes.