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Howdy chickens!

Do you remember “La Linea”?! Well – maybe not by that name . . . but you probably kind of in some recess of your mind maybe possibly remember seeing these cartoons a long long time ago (I just found out that they were played on “The Great Space Coaster” – so there is that).

I was at a pals house (yeah – you know one of the gang) – and we were watching some of these awhile ago – so it is totally possible that this link was already on or or something (both of those are nice sites to go and see – by the way) – but I figured that it would be nice if it (the link) lived here too . . .
Anyway – you should check out this site – because it is sometimes fun to watch the relationship between the little silhouette of a French guy (known as “Mr. Linea” or, in some parts of Europe, “Balou”, as well as “Linus” in Sweden) and the cartoonist as they interact through all kinds of interactions . . . and stuff.

Here is the site where you can go and see the cartoons – watch out – though – it is all in French!

“La Linea”

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