[update #16]

There was this night (not so very long ago) when I was waltzing (in a slightly tipsy manor) and I stopped into a tiny shop.

I was back by the coolers looking at some beverages – when all of a sudden there was a tap – tap – tap on the wallet side of my bottom. Now I need to reiterate that I was moving and thinking in a sluggish fashion – which was good – because instead of my normal jungle-cat-tightly-wound-spring-getting-sprung on my assailant, I instead turned quite slowly to find the best surprise that I can ever even remember.

There was this adorable little cat staring up at me. Then – as I was leaning down – it put it’s two front paws on my shoulder and hopped right up!

It totally made my night to have this cat riding around on my neck through the store. The owner got nervous and apologized – but I was like “No – this is the greatest thing ever! What is the cat’s name?!”

The guy looked at me and in a very matter of fact way said “That is Cup-Cake.”

I had Cup-Cake sitting on my shoulder.

Does it get any better than that?!

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