[update #3]

Oh holy beans . . .

For some reason lately – totally out of the blue – I have found myself exclaiming the phrase “Holy Beans!” with the occasional “Holy Franks & Beans” sometimes thrown in for “good” measure.

I am not sure where the phrase came from . . . did I pick it up from one of those young turks at day care – perhaps it is yelled day after day on the newest hippest cartoon/commercial that my brain gets glued to on a regular basis and which will invariably form the foundation for my social/buying habits for most of the rest of my life – or, and this is the most likely the case since you hardly ever watch what you say around my impressionable ears, did I just learn it from you?!

I guess that it is fun to have a go to exclamation that can be thrown into random situations . . . for instance “Holy Beans! I get to go home now?!” or “Holy Franks & Beans! I seriously can barely even believe that just really happened right there in front of my face – where normally things like that rarely ever happen at all and where if they ever even do happen, it’s never actually right in front of my face – which is why I have been prompted into such a long and drawn out exclamation for the situation at hand . . . which – sadly – has now passed due to the longevity of this . . . uhm . . . I talked way too long – so never never never mind anyway(s) . . .”

Mostly – though – shortly after the phrase(s) pop out of my mouth, I just end up rolling my eyes (internally so as to take a good look at myself) and wondering at what point I became a caricature of a 1920’s street corner newspaper boy who mumbles to himself and occasionally utters throwaway phrases instead of having polite conversation like I was taught long ago in finishing school . . .

But I guess figuring out the answer to a question like that would be similar to catching rain in a jar and wishing for soup . . . which is a whole other can of corn.

[can of corn ]

[can of corn]