[update #17]

So – maybe you have been wondering what I have been up to for the past little while?! Well here is a super list that will help you out – I think that it will be in order of when it happened – but I can’t really promise anything.

  • I drove all the way down to Georgia (after shoveling some serious 7 a.m. snow) with (Irving Brown) Socks – only to realize that I had totally forgotten to turn my duck off . . . I just can’t believe that I left the house with that little guy still running . . .
  • When I got to Georgia – I found my back door all kinds of kicked in. After sending Mister Dog in to investigate – I called the police people to ask if I could have them come by the next morning . . . I had a 1 a.m. (second) dinner appointment to make at Waffle House – and it was sooo worth it – even though all I had was toast and some sweet tea . . . my stomach was all jittery from the long drive and the break-in . . .
  • Started trying to bring my neighbors dog “choco-latte” back from the depths of doggie doom – so that I can get him into a better situation (as it stands – he seems to have been abandoned) does anyone want to rescue a nice dog that has lived a miserable life?
  • Installed a new back door (it has little windows!) – it was great fun – and I am being pretty serious about that.
  • Got my car (Oscar – my 1973 VW Thing) towed to the shop (for free!) to bring him back to life.
  • Made some yogurt with my nifty yogurt machine . . . and gave most of it to the dog.
  • Took my cat (Spot Elliot) to the vet for some dental work – only to get a lecture – because he has ballooned to over 21 pounds – this cat is a serious serious cat.
  • Got the car back and then had it break down again 15 minutes later . . . it is still at the shop.
  • Took the house off of the market – so that rental stuff could be figured out . . . would you like to rent my house?!
  • Did some stand-up in front of abut 17 other comedians – which turned out to be a real treat!
  • Played some b-ball – shot some hoops – scribbled – and dribbled (off of my foot) . . . coming out on the other side with a 1 and 1 record.

That is just about it – other than a lot of eating food, cleaning the house, hanging about, working like a worker and probably – also – a bunch of rockin’ the spot – oh yes nelly – I did indeed just casually toss out there that I have been known to rock the spot a bit – here and there . . .