• Yesterday – while waiting in line at Duane Reade , which is the all-the-time-everywhere drug-store/store-store around these parts, I felt overly compelled to tell a mean line cutting woman that she was a horrible person – just after she was mean – and cut in line. It was probably a bit of an over reaction – but seriously – I learned how to wait in line sometime around kindergarten or so.
  • One of my favorite meals (not as much as it used to be) is to have some Mountain Dew and a bag of Spicier Nacho Doritos. Well – imagine my surprise today when at the store there was a new exciting Dorito taste treat. A bag of Doritos Collisions Zesty Taco and Chipotle Ranch. With all of that supposed goodness in one bag – how could I resist?! Well – I suppose that I could have resisted by looking into the future and seeing that neither of the “Collision” victims had ever had a brush with that elusive (for new Dorito’s flavors) tastiness. So – I am done – Unless I run into a “Collision” between Spicier Nacho and Cooler Ranch . . . because that – my friends will cause me to pull over and indulge in some crunchy rubber necking.
  • Last night on the train ride home (the long long long train ride home – where there is a bit of an unwritten law that sound is not a thing to be tolerated) – there was this guy/girl combo who felt the need to scream their (probably really really important) conversation back and forth – louder and louder and louder. I got up and moved to the back of the train – because I am a curmudgeon. Then to my up-most delight – two stops later – a gaggle of 8 (eight) belligerently oblivious teenagers got on and did something that I have never seen. They surrounded the formerly loud couple on all sides – and proceeded to – uhm – “act the fool” as – I believe the kids are saying these days. I reveled at the disgusted look on the girl of the couple’s face – as I inferred the following line from her thoughts “These people are so loud . . . and rude . . . I can’t even hear myself think over their talking.” I chuckled – and then realized that long exposure to the train is likely to make me a bitter person.
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  1. will
    will says:

    Oh come on… what did the mean lady do when confronted with her own meanness??

    I covet your salsa. Bring some over. I'll trade you Doritos.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    well – actually – she had the most annoying response imaginable . . . she went back to pretending that she couldn't hear me through the headphones that she had on – and then she started "singing" to whatever she was listening to . . . and kind of doing a mocking dance as she waited at the counter.

    And that is why she will always haunt me from here on out whenever I am waiting in a line.

    I am ruined.

  3. says:

    Your train ride sounds like a typical ride on MARTA. Atlanta's great example of public transportation.

  4. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Sooooooo – on this MARTA that you speak of – in this mythical land of Atlanta – there are also roving bands of unruly teenagers who dispense their vigilante justice upon the wicked?!

    It indeed sounds like a land where one must stay on their toes – to avoid the rule – of the teen!

  5. mary k
    mary k says:

    I hate and have always hated line cutters.

    It really says a lot about a person.

    I can never feel quite the same about someone who cuts, and didn't already have a representative there holding a place (which is the only acceptable way to get into a line already formed).


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