[update #2]

The ship is taking on water(s)!

Everybody! Quick! Grab a bucket and start bailing this old tub out. . .

No, seriously, as the (self-appointed) Captain of this ship – I have to inform you that one of the games that I have been playing is one of those pretending type of games where when the bath tub starts filling up with water . . . I pretend that I am actually in a sinking ship . . . which is kind of odd – since never in my wildest imaginings would I figure that I would be taking a shower while going down to meet Mister Davey Jones at the bottom of the deep dark depths in a sinking ship – but I guess that is kind of beside the point.

Usually I wait until the water gets just over my feet – but not quite to the ankles. I wait because I don’t want to be a ninny (yes – I said it) who freaks out over a splash of water on the deck . . . boats tend to get water in them from time to time. Conversely – I absolutely have to start fretting way way before the ankles – because by that point . . . things really are looking grim – and the crew (the ones that haven’t already abandoned ship) are generally ready to keel haul me straight into the shackles in the brig to pay a fishy fee for all of my worldly misdeeds. As if they were any kinds of saints while they were traipsing about the land loving shores of ‘Peco Peco Bay’ during all of their miserable lives anyway . . .

One day I guess I will have to figure out what in the world is actually wrong with the (nameless at this point) boat – why water is always seeming to come in – how that can be fixed – and also on a slightly different note – how to build some sort of bridges between the crew and I so that whatever problems that this sinking ship scenario has brought up can be ironed out once and for all . . . perhaps a pot luck?!

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  1. cramedog
    cramedog says:

    i like doodle poodle because he reminds me of myself. i did not read the post above however. I'll get to it!

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