[update #24]

Couple of quick quick quickies . . . that are coming in at the end of the day . . . and that are both center around the loo.

Thing (of the first):

I walked into a bathroom the other day – at a place – and there was a guy standing there. As soon as I walked in – he yelled “Yo! Come on chicken. We got(s) to go . . .” at one of the stalls.I froze in my tracks – obviously not prepared for the situation that I had stumbled into.

Then a squeaky/crackled voice (that of “chicken” I am to presume) came from the stall . . . “Yo . . . man . . . I’ll be there in a minute.”

I pulled an abrupt about face and scampered into the hall – with all my unfinished business.

Thing (of the second):

I had never had this happen to me . . . but there I was in the restroom – in another place – at the urinal that is usually considered the one for the younger gentlemen of the world. For a bit of clarification – this story is in no way creepy – at all – in the men’s lavoratory – there tends to be one urinal that is lower to the ground . . . it is usually the first one in . . . and in this case it was the only one open – and I was there. Anyway – what ended up happening – was that this kid had to wait to get to that urinal – and I thought it was hilarious that there were all of these open urinals that he just had to stare at – because he was too short – or something . . . Okay – evidently – not hilarious “ha-ha” in any sense of the meaning of either word – but most definitely a situation that leans more towards the whole hilarious “weird” end of the spectrum.On another look – I have decided to omit “hilarious” from the above sentence – and just leave the whole thing as a bit of nothing . . . until you read a tad further . . .

To dissect why I thought that hilarious could be there at all . . . goes like this – the kid had a look of pure frustration on his face when I walked by that clearly said “Seriously . . . You had to use that one?! Which was clearly designed for me . . . couldn’t wait for one of the others?? You old and tall people are the total lamertons . . . and I’m sick of this whole too tall world that I live in . . . next time – I bring the moon shoes – chicken.”

Kids (the look on their faces – at least) say the darnedest of things – they are crazy – and and and – so are chickens.

I’ve said too much.