Good day to all of the ships at sea!

Hey there!

Hi there!

Welcome back – to there . . . that spot in front of your computer where you go to to look at stuff – including (I am guessing) this stuff.

It has been a busy time around the shop – what with all kinds of holidays coming and going (How were yours? Mine were super-swell) and all kinds of other shenanigans popping up all around (Had to convince Socks that getting his tongue pierced was not any kind of a good idea – at all). And in between – and sometimes during the hoot-e-nanny, we also worked on some nifty stuff for you to see (If you go to the main page of the website – – you may notice some new stuff – maybe).

Anyway – it is great to have you back!

We promise to attempt to try to make it great in 2008 – or some such jibberish as that.