Seriously – I know . . .

Yep – yep – yep – I seriously know that I am cheating by just posting 2 (two) ants for the sum total of this week so far . . . but I am away from the cave – they let me out! They let let me out!!

But fear not – fear mongers – because tomorrow there will be words (a lot of them) . . .

But before I go – 2 (two) quick things:

  • I found out a couple of hours ago – that one of my penguins may be endangered. This isn’t even speaking in one of my odd codes – there is just more of a back story than I am able to jump into for right this second . . . All I can say is that I fear for his safety.
  • I was just just told a story by someone who spent his morning saving a duckling. I suppose that as one bird prepares to leave the world – another needs to be saved.

Birds of a feather – Flock together. Aye – yo – that is fowl. Get your ducks in a row. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Bird brain. Snow birds. Birdy-Birdy Two by Four can’t fit through the birdcage door. You are such a chicken. Eagle eyes. Goosed. Quack quack waddle waddle. Quack quack waddle waddle. Quack quack waddle waddle.