End of Year – Stuff –

All right guys and girls – enough is enough for me. I know when to hang my tail between my legs and run away.

It has been a swell year – and I aim to sleep for the remainder of it – so there will be no updates from today until Monday – January the 6th. That is – unless I get super over antsy – or something – which I sometimes do – and there is a bunch of stuff marinating in my noggin that I haven’t had the time to post lately – sooooooooooo – hmmm.

Anyways to keep you occupied until then – here are a few of my person favorite things that happened this year on the site.

Stuff that is stuff!





Awesome stuff – the whole lot of it. And – if by some chance – you missed a month here of there – feel free to rummage around to see what other gems you can find.

Alright – then – see ya when I see ya!