That is all for the ho-ho-ho (iss) days . . .

Howdy gang!

So – I think that this “put a something on top of this here blog almost – just about – every day (during the week)” game that I have been playing has been pretty successful . . .

What say do you say?!

Now – though – I think that I will slumber for a bit – and take a hot minute off. But hey Gertrude . . . don’t you crease your pretty little head . . . because I will be back – and better (worser) than ever – with my brand new sweater(s).

So thanks for playing – and see you on Monday January the 8th!

I just can’t wait . . . no – seriously – I just can’t wait even a bit.


N. Bumpercar

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    Hope you guys had an awesome NY Christmas! I was looking just yesterday at some pics from clunky’s wedding on dana’s flickr ( and Dan walked by and said, “awww. i miss natty.” which is very un-dan like. i was stunned. i mean, he’s a great guy, but i don’t think i’ve heard him say that about his sister or brother who have moved away from here.
    he really likes you guys.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Yeah . . . that story reminds me of the time that I was standing over your shoulder while you were looking at some photos on the internet – and then dan walked by and said something very similar – which caught me off guard – since I was standing there and all . . . and then I realized that it was all just a weird dream – and – yeah – I know what you are saying – about the missing and all . . .

    Give that guy a high-five for me . . .

    A real over the top one.