The New Style

Soooooooooo – maybe – or probably maybe not – you are aware (or blissfully otherwise) that I look a little bit like a homeless mountain man (billy-goat-gruff) these days . . . and if you weren’t in the know – then I am glad that you have been brought up to speed.

The thing is that I haven’t gotten a haircut or shaved in a couple of months. Why and why you may be thinking?! Well – my good eggs . . . it is because I have been looking for the newest in new . . . the style in the style . . . and last night – I was struck by a bolt (in the night).

Hold onto your boots here campers – because what I am about to tell you is almost too much to bear (hee-hee – I look like a grizzly bear) . . . are you (are you) ready?!

I brushed my hair . . . and the results were simply startling. So the new plan is to get a minor trim and get the beard (moderately) tamed . . . and go from there . . . it is almost too exciting to talk about . . . I . . .

Hmmmm – I just went back and re-read the stuff that I have been writing – and (although I usually like to play these situations straight) man – this must have been a tough read . . . sorry about that . . . but trust me . . . when all of this stuff plays out – and you get to see the ridiculously good before/after shots . . . it is going to make it all worth-your-while . . . seriously!