There is Something in my Tea!

On the train – on the train – on the train – and yowza! Somebody put milk into my tea. On Saturdays, I have the privilege of getting to shop in the little train station shop – which happens to close before my normal weekday train. It is a tiny store which has a tough time fitting two people side-by-side and that leads to it having a very limited selection of treats. One of the things that they weren’t able to fit into the confines was lemon juice for the tea. Now – I’m not sure if you have ever seen me make “hot” tea – but a pretty fair amount of sugar goes into the cup to make a sweet sweet concoction – a sweet sweet treat – and normally I love to drop some lemon into the mix to push the azucar back a smidge. Well – today – there was no lemon (at this place – there is never any lemon) and so I decided to try the trick of cutting back on the sugar and then adding some milk (2% in case you were worried about my fat intake). I have to say . . . it is really tasty – and probably about as close as you are going to find me coming to drinking (blech) coffee (which is gross).

It kind of feels like I have a secret in my cup that no one else knows anything at all about (excepting you guys – that is – but we are totally cool – so let’s keep it on the low-low) – and not only just that – but a new taste to add to my repertoire. I can’t wait to get the opportunity at some restaurant – or something – where I am in the mood to get faux-snooty and ask the waiter for some milk for my tea that I will be having with my scone – or whatever – and then finish the whole scene off by daintily picking up the tea cup – pinky finger out (of course) and enjoying what the night has to offer.