Ants . . . Conundrum!

So – you guys know those little drawings of ants (did you even know that they were “ants”?!) that show up from time to time on this here place (site)?

Today I was just laughing and laughing because I figured that – since I sit in my huff making and making and making those things (which is much cheaper than therapy – or so I’ve heard – from a duck on the television – “Why a duck?” you may be thinking . . . exactly!) all of the time(s) – then certainly I must have plenty to go around – right?!

Well – (evidently) such is not the case – short cakes – because when I went to put one up on the site . . . all I got were tumbleweeds . . . no more angry little bugs to yell/threaten/whimper at/about stuff . . . which sent me into a right ferocious tizzy!

Where had they all gone?! I knew that they had been made – at least I thought that they had . . . at least I was pretty sure that they had . . . and then – after my pup (Irving B. Socks) and I gnashed our teeth in unison . . . all of the rest of the all of the rest were finally found!

Soooooooo – now I just have to scan the buggers in and all of (that kind of) fun can get to kick – kick – kicking again!

Yeah – so get off of that ledge there Charlie (completely made up person that you are) . . . because there is (almost always/usually) more to come!