Hmmm . . . That Cat Is Still Hiding.

Remember this morning – when I said that I had a dream about a “Cat & Mouse” story – and then was all like “I’ll totally tell you the cat story later?” Well – I don’t remember the cat story – sooooooooo . . . here is this quicky.

Usually when I call someone – like a business – or a doctor’s office – or whatever – they will answer the phone saying “Name of Business” – to which I normally reply “Hiya (or Howdy – or some other silly derivative) ‘Name of Business’. How are you doing today?”

Seven times out of ten there is just dead silence followed by aggravation. The voice that comes over the phone is filled with annoyance because they can’t believe that I have just dared to push the bubble to ask how they are doing. I mean who am I anyway?! Just some guy on the phone – thats who.

Well – today the scenario went down with the silence and then the angst and the lady on the other side of the phone said something to the effect of “Why are you calling?” – which – in turn – annoyed me . . . it is such a simple and human question “How are you doing?” – and even though I do it mostly out of habit, I also lean towards wondering how the person that I am talking to is doing – because it basically lays out how the entire conversation is going to go – and whatnot.

I replied with this quick shot “Well – two things – I was just trying to be polite and also – I was trying to set up an appointment for my car to come in – because it is leaking.”

She murmured some sort of apology and then went to setting up the appointment . . . but never said how she was doing . . . how will I ever sleep through the night tonight with such an unanswered question floating around the ether?

Oh well – hopefully – I will make it through – and also more hopefully I didn’t annoy her so much that the wheels fall of of the car on the way home (“Ask me how I’m doing . . . will he?!?”).

By the by . . . how are you chickens – out there – doing . . . just curious . . .