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This little blog type thing is experiencing a seriously rough week . . .

The camera that is used for the Friday photos has run out of juice (and by juice – I mean power) – and the charging mechanism is hiding far far away. I only know that it is hiding far far away – because it sent a postcard. It is in Aruba.

There are also no more ant comics . . . which is something that should be clarified – before you start jumping up and down for joy at the end of my (current) two best (drawn) friends. What I mean is that there aren’t any more scanned into the computer . . . but fear not – because I am staring at a pile (yes – feel the shudder) of notebooks that are chock to the brim with more and more little funnies . . . but now I have to figure out when they are going to get into the computer – and if I can trick them into doing that themselves.

The last thing is that the computer that comes with me on the train (the computer whose battery lasts about 4 minutes if it isn’t plugged in) has experienced it’s very own little plug problem. It has disappeared as well. So last night when I got onto the train – to start on my merry typing way . . . there was nothing staring back at me – but a blank monitor. I decided that my best bet was going to be to just run with the situation – and type out a couple of stories – and so I did – and they were hilarious – and they aren’t real – because the computer wasn’t turned on . . . kind of like how I will sometimes take my phone out of my pocket and have pretend conversations when I want to get out of potentially awkward social situations that I foresee myself getting entangled in (yes – I really do that).

So – now – you end up with this – a post about why I have a lack of posts.

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  1. Kristina
    Kristina says:

    Well, it isn't a real blog-type thing until you post about why you are not posting. :-)

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