How to Create/Edit Your Own Apple Mail Stationery

[Bumpercar’s note: This is a test to see what happens if I “Digg” a post that I have seen. Maybe it will work – and maybe not . . . mostly I am just curious. It is a post that should tickle your fancy – if you have Leopard – and feel like sending out HTML emails . . . wish us luck with this new style. Punching out.]

One of the new features in Leopard’s Mail is that it includes a few dozen stationery templates for you to easily choose from to jazz up your emails. For the most part these templates are just plain ole’ fashioned HTML with a tiny bit of XML.

So really the only requirements for editing or creating your own stationery is that you know a small bit of HTML. Some design skills wouldn’t hurt if you’re creating your own from scratch.

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