Baby Bumpercar!

After being away for the last two (2) weekends (and a few more days in between there if I do say so myself) I have finally managed to compile the results to the first ever “Which ones (ies) do you like more than other stuff?!” . . .

So without further ado (mostly because I am trying to type this with a bandaged finger [quick aside – I “popped” it open when the business end of a chisel knocked against it earlier today while I was . . . uhm . . . probably chiseling something – and now it is both yucky/grody and also annoying to type with – as well as once again – yucky/grody]) – back to the ado now –

Your winners are (and I am giving the top five (5) here:

1) Owlet

2) Cloud

3) Tiger

4) Birds on a Wire

5) And then there was a pretty big tie-up around the fifth (5th) spot . . . and the judges have decided to give the nomination to the little guy with the crown . . . Natty Bumpercar! (I mean it is his “company” after all . . .)

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my stuff . . . now all I have to do is figure out how to make it all – and if the design that you liked the most didn’t make the cut . . . just hold steady an keep your fingers crossed that this all works out – and soon enough you will be able to fight for that reversible penguin/apple tree bib . . .