Oooh Hey You Came Back!!??!?

Alright – well this is really great – almost more than I ever could have expected (I mean the you coming back part that is).

Well what I have done is set up a list of the 10 (ten) big updates that maybe you read – and maybe you didn’t.

So check these babies out – and then later today (Monday) there will be even more . . . how exciting is that?!?


  1. The New Job . . .
  2. The Ship Is Taking On Water(s)!
  3. Oh Holy Beans . . .
  4. A Scary Hat Up There.
  5. The Big Drive North. (part1)
    The Big Drive North. (part2)
  6. That Pink Bar Of Soap.
  7. Buckley’s Is Not So Good . . .
  8. My Wii Adventure
  9. Stuck In A Train.
  10. This Is The Day My Hand Grew HUGE!