Update #28

Today – I went to a Doctor.

Having insurance is nifty – because – evidently – you can go to a Doctor – and isn’t (too) expensive. My only problem would be the amount of papers that have to be filled out – I not too good at filling out papers – unless with jokey answers – for instance – today there was a slot that asked if I had any ongoing illnesses . . . and I wrote “I’m not sure – but would always tired be considered an ongoing illness?!”

Yeah – I know – hilarious.

Anyway – the real fun happened when (and should have mentioned that I was at a dermatologist) I was told that I am full of atypical moles – which isn’t a problem – I guess . . . wait – wait – the real fun was where the Doctor asked if anything was bothering me. I have this mole on the back of my head – right on the hairline that gets attacked every time I get a haircut – and so I asked about that one. He was like “Well it seems okay – but if it bothers you . . . then maybe we’ll take it off . . .” and then he trailed off. Normally that is where I say thanks and exit the room. Today – I said “Yeah – let’s get rid of it.”

What happened next was a shot of novicane (a slight stick and then a little burn) – then a scissor sound (bear in mind that everything was happening behind me – and I couldn’t see anything) – and then finally (what amounted to) a soldering gun on my neck.

The whole event (the trip to the Doctor’s office) lasted about 20 (twenty) minutes – and now I get to go back in a few weeks – after they look at what they cut off. I feel a bit off balance – as the right side of my head is missing something.

Hmmmmm . . . I wonder what they will cut off next time?! Maybe my (left) pinkie – it has really been getting out of sorts lately.