Update #32 [The Game Is On.]

I had waited 2 (two) years to make the particularly big purchase of an xbox 360 – but this weekend – after squirreled away birthday money, price drops and the anticipation of a game that I inexplicably seem to enjoy playing . . . I broke down and bought the heaviest little box that I had ever beheld.

Even though I had bought a Nintendo Wii 10 (ten) months ago – I had totally forgotten how exciting and ridiculously fun that the ceremony behind opening the box, pulling out all of the pieces from their own separate baggies, plugging everything into the proper port and then the biggest rush of them all (for me) turning the television on and having your new toy go through it’s little intro animation.

I didn’t even have any games to play (that would come about 34 (thirty four) hours later) and it eventually took about an hour and a half and a call to Microsoft to get everything up and running . . . but for the most part it was smooth sailing. One nice surprise – when I turned it on – was that there were (something like) 14 (fourteen) little demo games for me to futz around with . . . it was like my new toy was already giving back to the community – and the community was pleased.

The saddest part has been looking over my shoulder – every so often – and seeing my old original xbox slumped into the corner – a game still in it’s tray- wondering when (if) it will ever get called back into action.

So – now – even though I haven’t seemed to uncover any additional hours in the day – I am the proud parent of a new game system – purchased (some would say) largely in the hope (a hope that Nintendo seems to be mostly ignoring) that I will get to play with people (friend or random) who will blow me up and yell horrible things at me until I can’t take anymore – and I wait a second to start a new game while unplugging the headset and placing it gingerly on the floor.

Hooray for new toys.

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    what’s the game you particularly enjoy playing?

    if you have a guitar hero at your house, too, just sitting there, i’m going to fart.

    you heard me.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Well – not to be too much of a tease – or anything . . . but the particular game of the moment- which just arrived on the coffers last night – will be much discussed in one of the gripping posts to come . . . I’ve got to keep mum on this subject.

    So – no tooting – on my account.


  3. will
    will says:

    So, hey. I just got this new pretty TV, so hey, why don’t you come get your new toy in my new toy and we’ll have a new classic combination. I won’t get peanut butter on yours if you don’t get chocolate on mine. Yah?

    Is the 360 not backward compatible?