I Caught The Crumb-Bug . . .

Last week – like a dutiful little anti-virus soldier – I meandered to a secluded room where a nice lady gave me a flu shot . . . she also – maybe – said I was her best “patient” of the day (not sure how I wrangled that one – or was she just saying it to everyone?) and then gave me a lollipop for all of my trouble.

Well – that was last week – and here we are today – in the midst of day three of achy – sneezy – ucky – misery . . . sick sick sick – and so early in the getting sick season – too. It took me one night to figure out that the medicine that I am taking was all about drying me out – so yesterday – I went to the store and got Gatorade, V8 Frusion and Berry Tang – I would drink these drinks to confuse and embarrass my sickness and I would also sleep a bunch to try and bore the sickness – right out of me.

As luck would have it – I still have the lollipop – and so I am wondering if that was part of the Flu shot – and I just blew it – maybe the real medicine is in the lollipop?

I don’t know – I am seriously grasping at straws here – kids – being sick is for the birds.

Caw Caw Caw.

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    peoples get sick after the flu shot a lot.
    it has some of the virus in there, right?

    i should go get one.

    but i was terribly ill all of monday and monday night. then it sort of flew away. thank the maker. (of ibuprofen).

    hope you feel better soon! (before your trip.)

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