I am doing this thing . . .

On August 30th (and don’t worry because I’ll definitely put something else more – kind of on this place to remind remind remind the needing of reminders) I get to go to the Push-Push Theater and tell a couple of some stories about stuff for “The Doug Dank Project.”

Man – after reading that – I realize why it has been awhile since I actually typed something out – instead of going the easy route and posting an “Ant” here and/or there. Who knows?! I certainly can’t figure it out – perhaps it is a signal that I need to lay off of the (Please help out and fill in whatever appropriate thing is appropriate here that I need to lay off of . . .) – Oh yeah – no kidding!

Point behind this whole thing being that if you can think of any stories that I did that I can’t remember – then let me know what they are. (Except for you Trixie . . . your money is on the way.)

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:


    Can’t wait! Yes, keep reminding people as it approaches. You’re gonna rock the socks off of Doug Dank. I hope he’s wearing socks. …Doug Dank, that is. …YEA! Going this week? You should. It’s Tim Cordier, he’s a local actor/talk show host/bartender/weird guy.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Well . . . as far as your name being attached – how in the world do you think that I feel with my name plastered up top up there (somewhere) for all of the entire world to see?! And then all of that ill will that comes from the little ants . . . and I even made them up . . . sheesh!

    As to coming this week (tonight actually) I will be – once again – on the long and hard road to New York – so I will have to miss it – but I do intend very much on coming next week to check out the proceedings – so see ya there!

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