My Dog (Irving Brown Socks) Eats –

Oranges . . . or more specifically . . . clementines (which are those tasty tasty little no-seed, easy-peel oranges that come in small boxes with netting on top).

As we are walking – not just today – but a lot of days – as well – I was eating a clementime (for the record – there was one huge seed that I found – and had to spit out) . . . and so Socks (determining that ownership of all of my possessions are around 10% his) made a head nod gesture. That was his indication that – maybe – it was time to hand over a piece of a section. So I did.

Recently – as we were working on some serious frisbee action (and when I am sitting here saying serious – you must know that I really mean seriously serious) – pieces of clementine were used as the treats to make him stop destroying the frisbee – and get ready for the next round.

I guess that the point of all of this is that my dog eats small oranges . . . what does yours eat?

And for the sake of inclusion . . . if you don’t have a dog (cat, gerbil, monkey or macaw) theeeeeeen – I guess . . . uhm . . . what do you eat when you play with a frisbee?!

I guess . . .

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  1. will
    will says:

    Hal, of a feline persuasion, loves green vegetables. He'll cry and beg for a piece of lettuce, and gobble up edamame while the other cats look at him like he's an impostor.

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