Today – my dog burped.

This very morning – I was woken by my dog (Irving Brown Socks) rustling at the foot of the bed. It is good that he did rustle – as I was in the kind of sleeping mood that could have lasted for the next several days (or so).

Back to the point – a bit – though . . . So the dog moves – I sit up to look at him (all the way down at the foot of the bed) – and then he turns, looks at me and burps.

It was an odd moment – and an even odder way to start the day up.

[This was just a tiny quick update (kind of an attempt to put a bit more things up besides just the ants and really long long stories . . . we shall see how that goes – though).]

** burp **

  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    No – no – I don’t really get to laugh anymore . . . just stare into the almost empty bowl of soup that is . . . uhm . . . my bowl of soup.
    Really though – it was a nice transition from sleep into the waking world – maybe more transitions in life should be preceded by a burp?!