[update #19]

Today is one of those crummy days that other crummy days live most of their lives aspiring to be – but never actually achieving – because, today, the depths of “crummy-dom” are so deep that there is no way that any but the crummiest of crummy days could ever become what a crummy day today is.

Seriously – I’m not sure that it is all that bad – but it is a day where I worked super duper late (4:30 a.m.) and then had to get up to finish off a bunch of stuff before catching an early train to get to a meeting. None of that stuff is at all really that crummy – though. The crummy part sneaks in with the cold dreary heavy rain that makes you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers – mixed with a wet dog that decided not to pee when we went for a walk in the deluge –and a level dose of the (need for) sleeps and the sleeps and the sleeps.

I just thought of the best plan – instead of writing for the next 1/2 (half) hour . . . I think that I may be better served by visiting with my pal – Mister Naperstein – or better yet, even, Misses Napeltinenbaum. They always seem to make me feel better.

Sleep well chickens . . . sleep well.