Neighborhood Watch(er)

I went outside to walk (old) Irving today.

At the same time that I was getting him ready to go around and about – this teenage-style-kid wearing a bright red hood pulled all over his head (which is only important in a second here) was walking down the street holding a boom-box – maybe plugged into an ipod – so that everyone in the world could hear him flipping through song after song after song . . . basically he was drawing a bunch of attention to himself – which made what he was doing even odder.

He was walking very slow – not on the sidewalk – but on the street side of the cars – and I only really started paying attention when I noticed that he was stopping at the cars as he went by – and looking to see what was in the cars.

So my partner Irv and I sprung into action – and walked about 10 (ten) feet behind him until he was far away from our little world – slowing down when he slowed down . . . stopping when he stopped.

He never acknowledged that we were there – and I have no idea how any sort of confrontation would have gone if he had . . . but it was an exciting time for us all.

Now – before anyone gets itchy about “Why can’t a kid in a hoodie listening to a boom-box walk down the street without being followed by the likes of you – then anyway?!” – know this . . . one of the first cars that he stopped to look into . . . was mine. And that bird don’t fly.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    that (junk) is a one-of-a-kind piece (of junk) . . . and it needs to be cleaned – because it is creepy dirty.

    i would probably still steal it though . . .

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