For three seriously strenuous days this week I got to put on the hat of “Art Handler” for the Madison Morgan Cultural Center, located in the bucolic town of Madison, Georgia.

According to the Morgan County Citizen the show [“Neat Pieces”] was “An exhibit of “plain style” furniture made and used by Georgians in the 1800s.” So basically it was a bunch of old old wonderfully crafted sometimes very very heavy furniture that needed to be taken home after an extended exhibition. And what an adventure in driving a 16 foot truck around all kinds of parts of Atlanta and then carrying scarily expensive pieces of furniture into really nice houses (that often smelled like my Grandparent’s old house – ah the boxwood) it was.

I had great fun getting to put on a different work hat for part of the week. I enjoyed pretending that we were playing an odd version of “Smokey & the Bandit” except we the only cops that we saw were looking out into the woods, the “blocker” car was a Toyota with nary a “Firebird” symbol to be found, we were carrying furniture and not beer, I never remembered to wear a cowboy hat – okay – to buy and then wear a cowboy hat, and instead of a basset hound named “Fred” I had Ronald. But other than all of that – seriously – a lot like the movie . . .

Maybe next week I’ll put on some other different type of hat . . . perhaps something along the lines of a stovepipe?!