A Place that I went . . .

Last Monday and Tuesday I had the terror and pleasure of being the guest artist of the week for two days at a little school by the name of Smith-Barnes Elementary to talk about drawing, painting and a wee bit of animation. Terror, of course, stemming from doing something that I had never done before (going and talking to a bunch of people about the little world in my head) and pleasure when everything was received as well as it was (more on that in a second).

I was brought in by the actual art teacher who goes by the name “Mister C” – I had a nametag on that read my actual name – but the kids took to calling me “Mister Harris” or sometimes “Mister H” – I was equally thrown off when I heard either one. I had bunches of paintings (the largest 10′ x 5′) on canvas, some on wood, some on paper and then the “doodle poodle” cartoon that I had finished the night before (which allowed me to say “And here is a cartoon that I made just for you . . .” which seemed nifty).

I wish that I would have taken photos or any kind of video because the room was full of stuff and they really seemed to like it – of course when you are the guy who comes into a classroom of 4th/5th graders that says “Does anyone here like cartoons?” you are almost guaranteed to go over pretty well . . . But when kids rush up to you in the hallway and demand autographs (as silly as it sounds) and your website gets more hits than in most months it sure does feel . . . uhm . . . what would be a good word here . . . hmmmmmm . . . like some serious great-itudey-ness – yeah – there I said it without even a hint of tongue in cheek whateverness . . . serious great-itudey-ness.

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