Mister Sleepers

So – lately – I have noticed something annoying. I seem to like to sleep on my side – I am one of those side sleepers. But everytime that I try to go to sleep on my side – my head is all like “hooray!” and my knees are all more like “boooooooo.” So then I end up going to sleep on my back.

It is totally the most annoying thing in the whole “trying to go to sleep” world – and yes – I know that I said that before – But I wanted to let you know how serious I am – because – seriously – all I want to do is go to sleep and get good sleep . . . on my side.

On my side – so that I have a good line of site at the closet and the door – in case the scaries try to burst into the room – or whatever . . .

So – I guess I am curious should I just chop my knees off – and then settle into a nice nap – or will my ghost knees just come back to keep wrecking my slumber?!

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    you don’t use a pillow between the ole knees? I can’t sleep without one anymore. they have special ones made for that, but a regular one works alright, it’s just bulky.