[update #8]

I am not really sure which cart (on the wild streets of Manhattan) I got this “Chicken & Rice with Red Sauce/White Sauce & a Salad” (I think that is it’s proper name) from – but as you can tell from the picture . . . it was nowhere near up to snuff.

I really missed this kind of food while in the deep South – and by ‘this kind of food’ I clearly mean food that is made in more than likely super-clean – do I really want to even think about where (or what) that meat came from – that I am about to eat out of that cute little tin type of food container type of food. Jeez-o-pete . . . this was supposed to be my big welcome back to the kitchen on wheels “Please – my friend – pull up a seat at our table . . . the sidewalk!” – I even walked all the way to Bryant Park so that the setting would be perfect [which is why I can’t figure out where the food came from] . . . and then . . . not not so so good.

I was only able to eat the rice and salad parts – and was only able to choke that down because I was hungry enough to eat with a bear (have you ever tried?!) . . .

Not to worry though . . . there are (at least) hundreds of carts out there for me to try (and I am just talking about in my direct path on the way to Times Square) . . . and my stomach is nothing – if not made of stern stuff . . . so I will carry on – until my cart food itch has been scritch – scritch – scratched.

Or until I end up at some classy hospital hooked up to a stomach pump . . .


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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Yepper-von-depper –

    I have been alerted to that site – it is a real gem of knowledge – but it is nowhere near – it simply does not compare – to the wealth of info that can come from good friends . . .

    bill . . . will you . . . go to lunch with me again real real real super soon?!

    I am in a bit of a rut . . . yesterday I ate at Denny's . . .

    Okay – I am in a huge rut . . .


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