A Sticky Situation

Boy! There is just nothing like a shower to make you feel all kinds of clean.

But today’s episode of washing had the potential (right off the bat) to go all kinds of awry – as there was no soap to be found. And you had best better believe me – I looked (and looked).

I can tell that you are all at the edges of your seats wondering what I possibly did to overcome such peril. Well I just leaned over, grabbed a bottle and used shampoo. I now have extra bounce, tons of body and a shiny coat like you wouldn’t believe (on my toes even).
Looking back, I suppose that it did turn out better than the time when I ended up having to use Peanut Butter . . .

Now That – was a sticky situation.

Glad that I got all of that off of my chest.

The Peanut Butter that is.

Did I mention that it was crunchy?!