A story I read

In the newspaper – I was reading a frightening/harrowing story about a young girl that was able to break away from a man that was trying to abduct her. She was then able to point him out to the people from her building – who then grabbed the guy. So there is the story – and as I said – it is both frightening/harrowing.

However – I did find a line that made me bark out a “What?!” type of response. It was in the next to last paragraph of the story.

“. . .But as they waited for cops to arrive, he changed his tune, saying “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I won’t do it again,” as the crowd pummeled him to keep him from escaping . . .”

I guess that I have never seen it written so plainly – that the people who caught the guy – that had just tried to abduct a child (or done any crime) – beat the heck out of him while waiting for the cops. But it was to keep him from escaping – so I guess that works out for everyone.