Vote on Baby Bumpercar . . .

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  1. original owlet
    original owlet says:

    boat, tiger, cloud, giraffe, owlet, whale and bumpercar (but that goes w/out saying)

  2. missy p.
    missy p. says:

    they’re all great! As far as for a baby outfit thing…i like the yellow chicks, the giraffe and the bees. Also the tiger, the whale and the cloud. The natty bumpercar one I like–but associate it too much with your website. Will you put little sayings with them? I think that you should if you are trying to sell them. I have some ideas: The chicks could say-“Chick me out”
    the Giraffe could say – “I’m planning to be tall someday” and and the bees could say–‘Watch out I’ll sting you”.

  3. downholmdesign
    downholmdesign says:

    I will take 50,000 pieces of the bumpercar, 35,000 of the chicks and 35,000 of the giraff…did I spell that correctly?
    My top three.

  4. Bobo
    Bobo says:

    Bumpercar, cloud and whale. You should add a rocket, or as those in the industry call them: ICBM.

  5. Lacey
    Lacey says:

    Monkey, the birds on a wire, and the cupcakes, um I think in that order, yea, that order………
    Tori said Bees, boat, tiger in that order.
    Sadie said Monkey, cloud, ducks in that order……

  6. will
    will says:

    Hi Nat… I had a visiting friend look as well, and we overlapped a little…. she like the three peeps, the (first?) penguin, and the whale. I liked the peeps, the cloud and the other three birds…

  7. mary k
    mary k says:

    birds on a wire favorite.
    owlet, whale, cupcakes.

    I have a baby shower coming up. Hurry!!!!!!!!!! (not mine, a friend’s. …)

  8. mary k
    mary k says:

    i posted a comment and it never showed up!
    birds on a wire is fav. owlet, whale, bumpercar, cupcake/muffin. Yeah. and Yea!

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