30th Ant-i-versary!

Hoop – hoop – huzzah! The little (kind of nameless) cathartic terrors of my world have reached a tiny tiny sort of milestone sort of thing . . . and to celebrate – we have crafted out of all of the finest materials available to us a brand spanking spiffy nifty new home.

Uhm – yeah – there are only 30 (thirty) of the strips on the blog – but they are kind of hard to see all at once (some could argue impossibly hard) – so we recommend that you give this new format a whirl – and see how it feels.

I think that the drill is that they will still show up on the blog a couple of times a week – and then they will migrate over to their page at their own leisurely pace.

Hooray for Ants . . . hoooooray for new stuff!

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