Popeye's Loaded Chicken Wrap

Okay . . . Today – I went against one of my (poorly) self-enforced rules and ate lunch at Popeye’s.

Now – don’t get me wrong – they do serve up some tasty treats at the house of Cajun chicken and biscuits – but is the outcome – the pain – worth it??

I was intrigued by the loaded chicken wrap. It was loaded with rice & beans and a chicken strip – a potential yum treat – but in reality, considerably less than yum – significantly less than a treat.

When I managed to dig though the layers of grease, the saddest little (thankfully) lifeless lump of wrapped pudge was sitting there. Not really sure what to do – I stared to sprinkle a healthy amount of “Cajun Sparkle” (photo not available) around the lump – to bring it back from the brink a bit.

I tried it – and found that nothing about how it looked was a lie. It was extremely ugh. It was kind of a food disaster. I hope that you don’t ever eat one.


All I can say is that the levees of my food rules have been shorn up – and hopefully the rivers of miserable food in the wold around me will be kept at bay.

Otherwise . . . Oh the horror – Oh the pain.

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  1. owlet
    owlet says:

    I guess you won’t be lobbying the government to add yellow as a food group. Too bad. Could have been interesting.

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