Bumperpodcast Review by Podcast Squared

A podcast by the name of “Podcast Squared” took the time to go and review the Bumperpodcast. I’m not entirely sure that they were entirely fans of what they heard – but – we are all entirely-moderately pleased for the review – regardless.

Here is a quote from the post:

Dave is bewildered during his review of the Bumper Podcast by Natty Bumpercar (the name should give you some indication as to why).

Here is the embedded player. The Bumperpodcast review is from 4:33-9:51 … Enjoy (and let me know what you think) …

Awwwwww – sugar. My site isn’t letting me embed their player – so – if you want to go and listen – just click on the link below … SHoot – shoot – shoot!

here is a link to their site/the review: www.podcastsquared.com


Here is the response that I sent – thanking them for their review … I said that it was “like a marshmallow”:

Thanks a mountain of beans for your review of the Bumperpodcast … it was greatly appreciated and has everyone at Headquarters running around slapping over-emphatic high-fives.

I will say that pointing out Robot’s speech impediment was a bit rough on him and also that Pig totally misheard you when you said “Pick and Choose” – – and – – he now just keeps repeating the phrase “Pig, he chews!” – – which is just a nonsensical thing to hear over and over again.

I also enjoy that I came across as irritating and endearing – it is almost like I’ve invented a bizarro-world version of pathos.

Please do attempt to keep on listening as we all promise to take your words about our words to heart (except for Robot – because – he has no heart – because, again – you broke it into little pieces).

Your review is like a marshmallow!


– N.Bumpercar