My new(est) intrest . . . SCIENCE!

Now-a-days . . . I seem to love looking at how much I weigh.

I think that I am really just excited that I may have finally stumbled upon my entry into the “Big Science Fair” that is (made up) coming up pretty soon – here – in the (not so) near future.

My experiment will probably be called something wordy – because that always sounds a lot smarter – when you can put lots and lots of words together – that is. Or maybe I’ll just go with something simple like “How Much Do I Weigh – Sometimes?!” – to let the research speak for itself.

The first entry into my “How Much Do I Weigh – Sometimes?!” journal will read as follows:

Tonight – before I took a shower – I weighed 170.00 pounds – and then I peed (please excuse the previous reference – but it is in the name of science – so take it at that – if you would please) – and I weighed 169.4 pounds (evidently if I peed 283.34 times – I would be gone – which is an interesting and frightening thought – and also a completely different experiment). I then took a shower and still weighed 169.4 pounds.

Today’s Conclusion: Showering does not effect weight. peeing does.

That is all for right now – but maybe I will update later with my newest question. Does Flank Steak stuffed with Parmesan cheese and spinach effect weight?!

I’ll bet that you can barely wait.

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