[update #20]

Alright – here is a “quick” rundown of some stuff that has caught my fancy in the past week (or so).

  • Last Thursday – when I got home from work (about 1:10 am or so), I had the “pleasure” of meeting two (2) very large raccoons. They were sooo huge and waddling and only about twenty (20) feet away from me – when I got out of the car that is . . . I, of course, had to try to get closer – but only got to about fifteen (15) feet before they scurried away. The really unfortunate part of the whole thing is that they weren’t very cute at all – just fat (about double Spot Elliot by my guess . . . or 45 pounds for those that don’t subscribe to the Spot Elliot frame of measurement).
  • Last Wednesday – on the way to the train (the Grand Central Train) back up to the (slightly more) frigid north . . . I stopped inside a shop – that I have been going to for years – to get a cookie. It is by far my favorite cookie – my favorite favorite. I was shocked to find out that the price had jumped from $1.75 to $2.00. I even said “What?! Did cookie prices go up or something?” and the man behind the counter shrugged and said “My boss . . . My boss . . .” – which was the best answer that he could have ever given. I took my cookie – paid – and ran.
  • Remember how I was having a “crummy day” last week?! Well I do – and I think that I have partially figured out why that was happening – I got all kinds of sick right around then – so I am pretty sure that was part of the whole “crummy-ness” of the overall situation . . . feeling better now – even though it is winter time in April – booooooooo.
  • Here is the last bit for this second in time – the other night (and this ties into the being sick thing – because I got to take medicine – which can sometimes lead to fun dreams) – blah blah – the other night – I was having a crazy dream which culminated with everyone telling me that I weighed 172 pounds . . . and by everyone – and mostly the reason for this post at all – is that none other than Robert Downey jr. did a guest spot – a cameo (if you will) – in my dream to tell me that I weighed 172 pounds. The (almost) best part was how medicine laced vivid everything was . . . but the (best) best part was when I woke up and weighed in at exactly 172 pounds – not a tick higher or lower on the digital scale. [And now I have officially stopped eating – because that is a high water mark for me – ahhhhh night time cookies . . .]