My iPhone (call) Review.

I have been sitting on this for a couple of days now – trying to really make sure to get to how I actually feel about this whole thing – and make sure that I don’t foist a knee jerk reaction – upon you guys – who certainly don’t deserve anything less . . . and have now decided that it is the time to drop my hat into the iPhone (call) review pool.

And – for the record – this will be my last post (barring something truly significant – that is) about the iPhone . . . you got a cartoon – and a review – and that is plenty.

A couple of days ago – I was like a little bear cub . . . with no water or food to keep me going . . . I was lost in a forest (world) where people (that I knew) had iPhones – but (through the fault of tough tough activation) who weren’t calling me back. And then my phone rang.

Right off the bat – I have to say that the way that the iPhone made my phone ring was slightly different (I would even hazard to say slightly more angelic) than my phone has ever rung. But that could never prepare me for what would happen when I answered the call.

I don’t want to point to crazily significant things in the history of the world . . . but when I said “Hello” to the number that I didn’t recognize (because the person had to get a new number – because (potentially) AT&T is as (potentially) evil as the iPhone is (so so) good) even my voice sounded better – more confident – less warbling (than normal). It had to be like when lightning struck a tree – and man “discovered” fire (for the record – I’m not really sure if that is how it happened or not) – or like the time in history – where people learned that “killer” whales could be trained to do wonderful – and splashy tricks . . . it was just that great.

When the voice replied – it was my pal Clunky (he is totally a robot) – I could totally tell that the proximity sensor knew that it was close to his face – so that the screen was off – and the accelerometers were ready for him to be done with the call – so that they could do their “flipping the screen” job. Basically – it was a minute and a half call where people were high-fiving me, stuffing dollars down my shirt pocket and a chef appeared out of nowhere to give me a slice of my favorite egg custard from S&S Cafeteria . . . the phone call was that good.
So – I’m not sure what is going on with all of the iPhone haters out there – who are still lost in the forest – with nary a berry to eat . . . but – perhaps – if they just took the time to receive a call from one of these miraculously magical devices . . . then the(ir) world would be a better place.

Roll away little bear cubs . . . roll away. There is lightning in the skies – tonight . . .