Go to Pommes Frites on Second Avenue between Seventh and Eighth Street and order some Frites and be happy. Just don’t go every day – because – if you don’t know what “Frites” are – then you wouldn’t know that you would only be eating Fries every time that you go . . . wow – that thought got convoluted . . . Let me try to get back on track – here – for one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world – that I have been going to for as long as I can remember – actually longer than I remember – because I have the memory span of a moth.

Alright – according to the Pommes Frites website (found here) “Pommes Frites means premium fresh fried potatoes, crunchy on the outside, and soft inside: self-indulgent and pleasurable.”
Seriously – have you ever heard a better explanation of food? It is definitely better than any description that I could have come up with . . .

Basically – you go inside this little tiny dimly lit place – usually having to push through the crowd – and on your left is a carved dark wood counter. Behind the counter is a line of pumps holding their selection of thirty (30) some odd sauces – which they are nice enough to offer samples of (the samples consists of a napkin with a couple of “Frites” on top drenched with the sauce of your choice). The next step back is this large vat of cut potatoes and two fryers – bubbling and ready to go.

Also – for the record – I just read (again – on their site) that the potatoes are actually double fried. If all of the goodness in the world of food comes from frying – then imaging the exponential amount of worldly goodness that comes from the magic of “double-frying” !!!!!!!

On this trip – I ended up with a regular order (they also have Large and Double) – which comes in a paper cone with three sauces (Parmesan Peppercorn, Peanut Satay Sauce and the Rosemary Garlic Mayo). And I ate and I ate and I ate until all of the “Frites” were gone. My only niggling complaint is that they only have drinks in cans – and drinks in cans are for suckers – suckers at the beach or any other place where I can’t get to the yummy goodness of a fountain soda . . . sorry about that – can lovers – that was not necessary.

I highly recommend hopping on a plane, getting on a boat, diving into a car or just plain running as quickly as you can straight to Pommes Frites – where you can sit and eat a mountain of fries – and know that you have just eaten the best Frite meal that you have ever had the luck to have. Go with a friend and eat some Frites!

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  1. will
    will says:

    When I was a kid living in Germany, pomme frites were always served with mayo. That grosses me out nowadays.

    You need to go to Montreal and get poutine…

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Well – well – well – mister . . . I didn’t mention it – but they also sell that there poutine at Pommes Frites – but I didn’t want to scare anyone away . . .

    Did I know that you lived in Germany as a kid??

    I think not.

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